Prior to 2016 we were compensated for our advice by doing transactions on behalf of clients. With the encouragement of a dozen clients we formed a new company and radically changed our business model and the fundamental relationship between ourselves and our clients. Our mission for the past 30 years has been to provide unbiased, comprehensive investment advice based on client advocacy, not salesmanship:

The Bali Investment Trust is an investment fund formed by investment groups of companies from the UAE, Europe and Russia to invest in infrastructure projects in Bali and Indonesia.
The company's success depends largely on the ability to provide employees with wide opportunities for personal and professional growth. For Partners, the results of our activities are obvious, meeting their requirements and aimed at solving problems, as well as bringing new ideas. To provide this kind of service, we hire and promote the development of the best employees in our field. And this is our vector, which we will never give up.